The Vermilion Township Trustees met on Nov. 17.

Road report

                Township Road Department worker Tom LaLonde said all roadside mowing has been completed. He said now that all the crops are done, the department has gotten to everywhere it can get to.

                The township’s F-450 dump truck did make it back from Valley Ford. He said it was there for about six weeks with multiple issues, more than originally thought. LaLonde said it’s back at the garage, “And we’ll see how things go with it from here.”

                He reported the two dump trucks and the old backhoe to transport salt are ready for snow and ice events. The township salt shed is basically full at this point. “We’re ready for winter.”

                The crew took the crack sealer to intersections around the township such as Darrow Road, which was recently paved; Barnes, Frailey, and S. Poorman. LaLonde said they just sealed up the asphalt where the new meets the old. He said by the culvert on Cherry Road, a patch was sealed up.

                Since the last meeting, the Ashmont Road culvert was completed. It was completed the last week of October. He said the grass is already growing and the improvements look good.

Township recreation

                During audience participation, Tim Costello, volunteer with Vermilion in Bloom and the City of Vermilion Parks, said the city just got a sizeable donation for playground equipment at Sherod Park. He said he knows it’s city property, but it’s in the township, and is the only park located in the township. He said he would like to see the township participate in some way. He said if not financially, then with gravel or heavy equipment. Costello said he has seen a preliminary on the new improvements, and says, “I think it’s going to be really nice” as it will attract families. He said he was unsure if there was any correspondence between the township and city on that.

                He also mentioned about Trustee Carl Hill’s proposal to have a skating area. He said with the city, he ran the city rink for 10 years, and offered to look at the site and tell the township what it would need. He said the city had 50 skating days its biggest winter, and 14 its slowest. He said roughly 20-30 days was the average, but the city lost its area to the new fire station. Hill said he proposed Barnes Road where the township holds its cleanup. Hill proposed digging down a couple of inches and having the fire department spray water. He said it would be a pain to mow. Costello said the city found that it had to be a foot and a half deep for the pond. The city had a drain, and it was topped off with a frost free hose and he had a tool to have a fresh coat of ice, along with a snow fence. He said the city also had a light on the rink and offered to look at the area.

                Resident Chris Ksenich asked about having a light on the old part of the building off Stanley Road on the west. He said the way the building sits, the lights do not sufficiently light the old area. LaLonde said it is not an issue for the road crew now, and that part of the building never had lights except by the front man door.

Trustee-elect asks questions

                Trustee-elect Rodger Scott said there are four lights shining on the township building, 24/7, and asked if these could be cut off at some point. Chairman Ron Dickel said there are supposed to be sensors on them. Scott asked if anyone has checked. Scott said he’s not even in office yet, and people are calling him about things, such as the lights being on. “If you’re not worried about the little things, how can they take care of the big things?” asked Scott. “This is the kind of stuff that I hear and I’m just a regular person right now.”

                Trustee Hill said the board has been talking about this for a couple years and made a motion to have the eyes of the sensors looked at. Dickel said the township had them looked at before. Secretary Tina Karres directed comments at Hill, saying she didn’t remember trustees talking about that. Scott said he came down and all the lights were on during the day. He said now with the bridge closed, the township office is very visible to everyone. “Everybody has to do everything they can to keep the place clean.” He said everyone comes by the office. Hill said things like this are tabled and nothing ever comes of it. Karres said it was never tabled.

                Scott also mentioned across from Pat O’Brien Chevrolet, there is an island that comes up, and the sign has been knocked down for some time. He said with the snow coming, drivers will not be able to see where the concrete is. As a result, there will be accidents in the area. “It’s been down so long, I don’t even remember what it said,” he said.

                In another topic, Scott said residents have been asking for a turn lane by the schools going from SR 60 east. “It only happens two times a day.” He also mentioned where Novotny’s is. He said there used to be an area when they put the culvert in where you could miss the light. Scott said he’s going to be there four years, and “We’ve got to look at things down the road…if we can nip some of these things in the bud now, it would be so much easier for all of us.”

Snow plow drivers

                Trustee Hill said he saw the township has two potential candidates as snow plow drivers, and they need to be trained so they know the routes, where to push the snow, etc. Dickel said they have to hire them first. Hill said if they don’t know how to drive, the township would not want to hire them.

Other items

                Hill reported on a leak in the garage on the fire department end of the Stanley Road garage. Hill said one of the firemen saw it leaking, but when Trustee Dickel went out, it wasn’t leaking.  He said this needs to be looked into.

                Hill also brought up about the township salt shed. He said in his opinion, it is very unsafe, and the township needs to move forward. He said Dickel contacted someone back in August, as did Hill, he said the pricing goes up. The quote given to the township then cannot be honored as it has been too long. The company sent pictures of others they have built, such as in Port Clinton. Hill said he is not comfortable with the guys going in there in the shape that it is in. He suggested a structural engineer to look at the safety of the building. He said the back supports are four or five inches from where they were last. Dickel said the whole pile isn’t being pushed. Hill countered that the roof weight itself is causing it then, which is worse.

                Building inspector Bob Baker said since it is such a basic structure, to piecemeal the bidding process to have the concrete, a carpenter, framing, etc. do individual parts of the project. He said it would be more affordable than having a company come in and do the whole thing. Hill asked if a contractor is going to put trusses on someone else’s work. “I don’t think they will.” Baker said it is done every day of the week, and most contractors use subcontractors. He said the company said it wants to do the work itself. Dickel said Huron Township has a nice building and suggested seeing who did theirs.

                The board voted to raise the cost of residential electrical inspections $10 to $60.

                Trustee voted to pay for trustees, the fiscal officer, or zoning inspector to go to winter conference.

                Trustees voted to allow Nuhn Farms LLC to rent 9.8 tillable acres of Vermilion Township property on Barnes Road for a one-year lease and to compensate the township $120 per acre.