The Vermilion Board of Education met on Wednesday, Nov. 10.

Substitute teachers

                In the legislative report, board member Krystal Russell reported on Senate Bill 1, which went into effect immediately, where boards of education can authorize the employment of substitute teachers, as needed, that do not hold a post-secondary degree, as is otherwise usually required. This is a temporary resolution, and extends from its effective date through June 30, 2022, which is the end of the current school year. There are other requirements that have to be met, such as a successful background check, and evidence of a non-renewable temporary substitute license from the Ohio Department of Education. The board approved the resolution.

Financial literacy requirement

                Russell also reported that part of Senate Bill 1 is a requirement that students entering 9th grade on or after January 2022 to pass a financial literacy program as an elective or math class. All students attending public school in the state must take one half-credit course or a minimum of 60 credit hours in financial literacy. Lessons will focus on taxes, interest rates, loans and more. Students who attend non-public charter schools are exempt from the new graduation requirement unless they rely on a state scholarship to attend.

                Russell said still in the Ohio House is a bill requiring school board members to complete training on ethics, public records, and open meetings. It also increases compensation board members may receive from $125 per day to up to $200 per day and would also increase board compensation for training programs.

Superintendent’s report

                Under his report, Supt. Phil Pempin recommended the following contracts: Kurt Habermehl, VHS Head Basketball Coach, $8,513; Kurt Innes, VHS Assistant Basketball Coach, $4,709; Leia Innes, VHS Cheer Advisor, $2,445; and a one-year administrators contract to Stefanie Atwater, mental health therapist, $35,700 for 100 work days. The board approved these 3-0, as board members Chris Habermehl and Shelly Innes abstained.


                The board approved the following: bicycle donation to STEM from Tom Gimben; $116.50 to the Athletic Department from Hawaiian Ice.

Consent agenda

                The board approved the following in its consent agenda: agreement with contract for Children with Disabilities Open Enrollment between Edison Local Schools and VLSD; the renewal appointment of Lois Arnold, Trustee for Ritter Public Library from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2028; the recommendation to authorize the following people to suspend students from North Point Programs should their behavior/activities be severe enough that merit said suspension: Mary Schaeffer, Andrea Smith, Tyfanie Hampshire, Kathryn Hott, Karen Ruf, Dwayne Arnold, Kristen Graham, John Ruf, Brandi Goodwin, Lonny Rivera. The board also approved Ohio Schools Council Cooperative Advertising and Receiving Bids for School Bus Chassis And Bodies.


                The board approved the following personnel action: resignation of Amber Stolar, Food Service Manager VHS effective October 8, 2021; retirement of Lorna Black, Food Service Assistant Manager VES effective January 1, 2022; one year Classified Limited Contract for the 2021-2022 contract school year to: Sarah Caudill, Educational Aide VES, $13.86/hr.; McKenzie Gentry, Monitor SMS, $10.46/hr.; one year Certified Limited Contract for the 2021-2022 contract school year to: Jonathan Custer, Instrumental Music, 142 day, $27,818.11.

                One-year Additional Duties Contracts for the 2021-2022 year were awarded to: Rebecca Balduff, Co-4 th Grade Team Leader, $1,177.50; Brigid Voreis, Co-4th Grade Team Leader, $1,197; Kara Coffman, 7th Grade Girls Basketball, $3,079; Monroe Naill, VHS Assistant Cheer Advisor, $1,540; Luke Harris, VHS Assistant Basketball Coach, $4,528; Emerson Slicer, VHS Soundsation, $2,536; Emerson Slicer, VHS Performing Choir, $1,992; Emerson Slicer, SMS Performing Choir, $272; Kim Judd, Resident Educator Mentor, $906.

                One-year Supplemental Contracts for the 2021-2022 year were awarded to: Doug Mihalic, VHS Girls Assistant Basketball Coach, $4,438; Gary Howell, VHS Assistant Wrestling Coach, $4,438;  Jakob Koleszar, SMS Assistant Wrestling Coach, $2,717; Cassandra Sexton, Assistant Flag Corp, $1,177; Robert Brown, VHS Swim Coach, $4,528; Jason Sockel, VHS Head Girls Basketball Coach, $8,513; Gordon (Scott) Hugo, VHS Head Bowling Coach, $4,709; John Austin, VHS Assistant Boys Basketball Coach, $4,347; Colleen Rini, Assistant Swim Coach, $2,898.

                One year Special Project Contracts up to 18 hours for LETRS training at the Special Contract Rate $28 for the 2021-2022 year were awarded to: Alissa Truax, Holly Jursinski, Amy Decker, Kim Schultz, Regina Lowe, Lori Gonzalez, Kori Frenk, Katie Cseh, Lisa Dobinson, Rebecca Balduff, Laura McDaniel, Katie Kretchmar, Laura Heil, Angela Dewitt, Laura Nabor.

No CRT in schools

                During audience participation, resident Robin Aston asked about Critical Race Theory and if it was being added to the curriculum in the Vermilion Schools. Supt. Phil Pempin said simply, “That’s not something in our curriculum.” Added President Sara Stepp, “Not in Vermilion.”