To the Editor:

                Ritter Public Library is an incredible jewel! Please support the levy on November 2. With NO new taxes, this renewal will continue to supply 19% of the library budget. The cost to us is only about $17 yearly for a $100k home, lasts for ten years, and is absolutely essential for our library’s ability to support our needs. It is books, but so much more than books. It is community.

                Services are provided for all ages, from my youngest grandchild to me. Library staff goes into local pre-schools, daycares, and elementary schools to provide early literacy story-time activities with the children. My grandchildren often ask if we can go to the library – look at the fish in crystal water, choose a book, play in the play center, just be surrounded by what can be good in our lives. My middle schooler can enjoy a book club just for her age. A teen librarian is dedicated to providing a teen collection and activities that are actually popular with high school students – no easy feat. Crafts are available all the way up to teenage years and beyond. This library home is a safe, useful and happy haven for students in a time when we need it the most for our kids.

                Together, we enjoy authors, speakers, and live music. For our homebound, the library delivers books to individuals in normal times and boxes of books from which to safely choose in this pandemic time. Genealogists now have a whole area upstairs, with access to extensive records, book scanner cradle and other essentials. Printing needs? Be creative! The library printer creates window clings, buttons, stickers, posters up to 30 inches wide and traditional copies at a very reasonable cost. This service is only one of many that have been invaluable to individuals being imaginative and to service organizations in town.

                Want electronic help? Check out the Go-Pro mobile camera before your next bike trip. You can enjoy hotspot internet connection for your home or vacation but know that this also provides an integral connection for students without internet to learning needs. The tiny mobile device opens a great big world on the go or at home. In addition, nearly 10,000 hours of Wi-Fi time is spent right on-site every year. Did you know that you can send your print job to Ritter wirelessly – from home, while you’re on the road or anywhere you get online? Friendly staff is always ready to help in selecting reading material using print and electronic databases. The library maintains projectors that can be checked out of the library, voter registration, online learning, notary service, huge grant database, meeting space and so much more.

                So, okay, I love Ritter Public Library and all that it does for me, my kids and the community, including printed books. Please help preserve this enormous benefit to our town. Vote to renew this tiny millage with no new taxes. It may well be the best investment you make this year!

Libby Davis Williams