The Vermilion Township Trustees met on Oct. 6.

Fire report

                Fire chief Frank Triana reported there have been 599 runs year to date. September runs are completed and have been submitted to the state. Sutphen Fire Corp. corrected issues on Engine 821. Triana thanked those who attended, worked or donated to the firefighter association spaghetti fundraiser. Triana said it was a very successful event.

                The chief said the township firefighters will be at the Pat O’Brien Halloween event on Oct. 30 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. He said this event is geared for children 12 years old and younger.

                On Oct. 31, firefighters will be at the station from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for Halloween. He said the firefighters coordinate this with the city’s time.

                Later in the meeting, the chief said they are getting 811 into L & M to work on the Co2 o-rings so it doesn’t start quite so hard. 841 is giving them a code for one of the modules. He reported while on an EMS run, he knocked a taillight out of a Ford Explorer.

Erie Shores & Islands ad

                Dave Hoffman, representing Main Street Vermilion, first complimented the township road crew for their mowing and how good the township looks. He also complimented how good Cuddeback Cemetery looks and stated even his wife noticed the headstones are straight.

                He sent a letter regarding Main Street Vermilion’s advertising program, and asked trustees to do what it did last year in advertising its lodging businesses in the Shore & Islands publication. The township collects a bed tax through the county and advertises its lodging businesses. The township’s portion of the ad is $2,340. Trustee Charles Trinter asked how much the township brings in on the tax. Zsebik said last year it was $40,621.75. Secretary Tina Karres said the township used to advertise 11, and now it is six. Trinter said they pay the township no matter what. Trustees approved the expenditure.

Building and zoning report

                Building/zoning inspector Bob Baker reported five zoning permits for $557.20. He also reported 12 building permits for a total valuation of $310,253 and brought in $2,850 to the general fund. Baker also reported an application was received from Heather Milliron to be a member of the Zoning Commission. Baker said the Zoning Commission makes said laws for the township, confers with Regional Planning and works with the prosecutor, and the actions must be approved by the trustees. Later in the meeting, Milliron said she heard about the position from the township secretary while applying for a permit. Trustee Trinter asked her if she had an idea what the position is about, and she said she has a pretty good idea. Trustees approved the appointment.

Safety alert costs

                Trustee Carl Hill asked who authorized the expenditures for the “safety alert” that appeared in numerous publications and on radio. Baker said he “in part” authorized it, and he spoke with Fiscal Officer Brenda Zsebik about putting it in the paper. Hill asked if those expenditures must go through the board. Baker said it was a safety issue, “and it wasn’t something we could debate about.” Hill asked who authorized the safety. Baker said he did. Hill asked if it was the Board of Building Standards. Baker said, “No, I’m the building official.” Hill asked for copies of the invoices and asked what the township paid for those.

Township truck repairs

                Trustee Carl Hill said after taking the 450 Ford truck to Valley Ford, the cooling system repair, which trustees previously approved. He said the transmission pan is leaking as well. He said the power steering lines “look sketchy.” He said he was told when the truck sat in the unheated barn, and condensation caused a lot of issues. He said the pan had been replaced before. The total for the cooling system $1332.13, which was already approved. The transmission with gasket and pan replacement, gaskets, etc. is $1,460.55. Hill said the latter was not approved and made a motion to fix what is wrong with the truck. He said there is a cookie sheet on the floor in the garage, which means it has been leaking for some time. Chairman Ron Dickel said trustees had not been told this. Hill said somebody knew about it, hence the pan on the floor. Trustees approved this.

Cemetery stones completed

                Trustee Hill reported that the stones in Cuddeback Cemetery have been completed. Hill said the stones belong to the families, but the cemetery itself must be maintained by the township. The final bill was $3,000. Hill said there are sufficient funds in the endowment to cover that. Later, Hill reported there are several limbs that need to be cut from trees that would damage some of the stones that were repaired. He said the trees are township property. Fixing the stones came out of the endowment. Trustee Charles Trinter said trustees need to take a look at this.

Temporary snowplow help

                Trustee Hill said the township needs temporary snowplow help. He said one of the workers the township has used in the past is not going to be able to help this year. He said the township needs someone and to train this person. He said one and at least two. Dickel said the township needs two. A CDL license is required. Hill took one number of someone to be interviewed. Dickel said an ad needs to be taken out. Trustees made a motion to advertise. Zsebik asked if the wage is the same. The township previously paid $16 an hour. Dickel said he thought that was low. Hill said the township needs to pay what others are paying. Trustees approved to advertise the job at $18/hour.

Other items

                Trustees approved participation in the Erie County Emergency Management Agency/HAZMAT for $1,582.40. This is at a rate of 25 cents per capita for 4,945 people based on the 2010 Census.

                Donations of $250 from the Vermilion Rotary Club for Cuddeback Cemetery; and from VFW Post 7576 of $700 for tools for the Road Department, and from the same to $2,000 to the township were presented.