Larry Drouhard

Larry Drouhard, 5125 Liberty Ave., is running for the office of Vermilion City Council President. This is a two-year term. Drouhard said of running, “I was prompted to run for office for a number of reasons. First and foremost is my general love and passion for this community. I was raised here in the Crystal Shores neighborhood, which my fiancé lovingly calls a “magical fairy tale land”. Throughout my adult life I have never found such a place that can instill such a true sense of family and community. I feel that this kind of passion is necessary to really do a good job in a position like this. I want to give back to our town by helping shape the future in it in a way that helps everyone.”

                Drouhard said, “My top priorities if I am elected- get more of the community involved in city government. Help the Mayor’s office continue to keep the budget in the black and bring more good jobs to Vermilion. Help solve community issues more quickly and efficiently. Say YES to progress and keep our town moving forward.”

                Drouhard said of the city’s biggest challenges, “I feel that the biggest challenge council is facing right now is cohesion. We need to work together with the Mayor’s Office and all members of the community to better our town.”

                Drouhard is a mortgage loan originator. He is a graduate of Vermilion High School and the Community College of Beaver County Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Vermilion Boat Club. He lives with his fiancé Yasmin and their two springer spaniels- Walter and Matilda. His mother, Patricia Mack, lives down the street in his childhood home. Prior to getting into mortgage lending Drouhard worked in property management for seven years.