Homer Taft

Homer Taft, 3872 Edgewater Dr. is running for the Vermilion City Council-at-Large seat. This is a two-year term. Taft said of his reason for running, “Attendance at council meetings, boards and commissions over past five years; concern with crumbling infrastructure and lack of attention to needs of our neighborhoods; need for more attention to building the entire city’s future and 21st Century businesses. Council needs to more carefully monitor administrative performance, legislate with far greater care.  We need to inventory and budget for all our needs.”

                Of his priorities, Taft said, “Fix our washboard roads, ancient and inadequate sewers and water lines, storm water problems.  Revamp our zoning and planning.  Improve internet, 5G, electric grid.  Restore our beaches, enhance our waterfront and boating assets. Plan for our future, including our water and water pollution plants, internet, electric grid, a better atmosphere to grow robust economic growth and renewal.”

                He continued, “Provide fair treatment for all neighborhoods, especially seriously neglected residents east of river, not “downtown”. While Main Street Beach should be a good area, spending $200,000 on a downtown parking lot or $5 million on Main Street while starving our neighborhoods of vital services ignores our residents.  Maintain council control of its executive sessions (of which there are too many), maintain council approval of all appointments to Boards and Commissions, including clerks for same.”

                Taft said, “We need a comprehensive review of planning, zoning and economic development activities and a Council much more committed to careful supervision of tax dollars and the performance of our city departments.  While infrastructure will be my first priority as Vermilion’s biggest need, bringing all residents and businesses together and involving them in activity beyond government to make Vermilion better is a high priority.  Council also needs to do a complete review of all ordinances, as many of our current laws are either unenforced or unenforceable.  We need all citizens involved in the process.  We need to enforce, and pass where necessary, sensible laws.  We must remove laws that fail that standard.  We need to learn the condition of all neighborhoods and fairly maintain and improve all neighborhoods.”

                Taft is married to wife, Helen. He has been an attorney for 50 years, real estate sales, leasing, investment and management; past manufacturing CEO and general counsel; Juris Doctor, Case Western Reserve University.; B.A., Kent State; Vermilion Call to Action Petition Committee and drafter of ordinance now on ballot.  Both present and past board memberships of many non-profit organizations, lifetime of civic and political involvement; worked on Lorain Sales Tax Referendum, Lorain County Charter effort; 2018 Candidate for Ohio State Senate.