VIB blooms where it is planted

Vermilion In Bloom had the nicest flower planting weather in its 19-year history on Wednesday, May 10 - warm and no wind!  According to Dana Corogin, the group also had a record number of volunteers. Volunteers planted over 1,000 flowers and mulched the beds in two hours! “Planting day is always organized chaos. The volunteers are amazing!” she said. “They planted in all the beds downtown in the parks and at the three city entrances; containers at the pool, police station, McGarvey's Landing, the South Street boat ramp, RR Observation Deck, Water Works, the Fulper Parking Lot, and corner of Huron and Main Streets.” Pictured at McGarvey’s Landing are Sandy Kish Jordan, Jan Dickerhoff, Barb Brady, Diane Martin, Meg Ludwig, Linda Karasevic, Janet Simmons, Ruth Partington, Julie Lehky & Harbor, Susan Carter, Judy Haseley, Jocelyn Colyer, Robin Jones, Mary Moes, Mary Hoholski, Tina Swinehart, Teressa Nemeth, Lorraine Beursken, Nancy Sulzer, Jonathon Hauck, and Emily Smith. Other volunteers includedJo Ann Howley, Brenda Shay, Mary Deucher, Sharon Zeck, Jackie Strait, Barb McAllister, Margaret Wakefield Worchester, Debby Wakefield O’Hara, Janet Ford, Kathy Carrick, Carol Flick, Kris Gerish, Vicki Schweinberg, Jan Dickerhoff, Barb Akers, Sue Moehle, Mary Raitano, Karen Ponting, Jen Allred, Dena Fisher, Deanna Lloyd, Julie Young, Margie Fowler, Jean & Jim Liljegren, Doug & Sue Brown, Marilou & Ihor Suszko, Shea & Drew Loper, Chris Musial, Linda Burkhart, Jocelyn Colyer, Mary Lou Taylor, Meg Ludwig, Lynn Cartwright, Jennifer Williams Masin, Shari Luby, Sally Carle, Gundula Houff, Tammy Horton & family, Darlene Edmonds, Lynda & Read Wakefield, Tina Swinehart, Linda Biscup, Libby Williams, Diane Martin, Dana Corogin.