Although Lake Erie is the smallest of the five Great Lakes and ranks 18th in the world by volume of fresh water, it supports at least 140 species of fish, of which at least 18 species are caught by anglers and 11 species are caught by commercial fishers. Because it is the warmest and most bi… Read more

The photo attending this week’s essay was not / is not of very good quality. Nor is it – at least on the surface – a very remarkable photo. I have been familiar with it for several years. But … Read more

Some years ago, when I was chief cook and bottle-washer (among other things) for Vermilion’s Meals-on-Wheels program I became acquainted with a Vermilion guy named Fred Wetzler and his wife Ka… Read more

I found most of this “stuff” in a letter written by my paternal grandfather to my mother just after Christmas in 1931. Although World War I had then been over for thirteen years it was obvious… Read more

If anyone asks (and I hope no one does) I can vociferate for an hour and a half or more on the reason(s) there is little need to tear down old, but perfectly good, buildings. Yeah, I know some… Read more

Approximately 200 million years ago (or when I was a kid) Halloween, aka. All Hallows’ Eve was strictly a one-day – or perhaps better said a one-night – affair. I really didn’t care about the … Read more

It is intended as only a tongue-in-cheek expression when one says of today that these are “The Good Old Days”. Yet, to be earnest tis all too true. For the wide-eyed children politely posing f… Read more

I should probably explain that while I have a cell phone, I don’t use it much. That’s because I don’t care for phones mobile or otherwise. I keep it mainly for emergencies. I seldom text or ta… Read more

When I happened upon the following story, I envisioned one of those old Charlie Chaplin type movies where everyone appears to be running about as though their pants were filled with hot coals.… Read more

Forward: When I was a little boy I was always fascinated with the tales of Paul Bunyan and Babe his blue ox. Though I knew the tales were fantastic I nonetheless reveled in their beautiful exa… Read more