A facsimile of this (old) photograph has been in circulation in the Vermilion area for years. The photo was among several given me for the local historical archives by Vermilionite Rita (Ratcliff) Mayer some time ago. While it’s not, technically speaking, a particularly attractive portrait i… Read more

I note (with little surprise) that the City of Vermilion now has hired a “full-time” fire chief. For well over 170 years the town has made do with an all-volunteer fire fighting force. So, it’… Read more

Let me begin this tale with a disclaimer. The story you are about to read may (or may not) be precisely accurate. It all depends upon who you talk to - or better still - who you believe. But d… Read more

I guess every community / town has at least one. Persons of character are necessary components of our daily existence. They are the salt and pepper on our scrambled eggs – the catsup on our fr… Read more

Even today the site of the photograph accompanying this week’s essay is easily familiar to both residents of, and occasional visitors to, Vermilion, O. Nonetheless the changes that have taken … Read more

To folks with enough insight not only to take snapshots but to also inscribe the date of the photo and the names of the persons in them on the back I offer my humble and heartfelt thanks. And … Read more

I was born in Vermilion, Ohio near the end of WWII – on November 8, 1944. Franklin Roosevelt had just been elected to his fourth, and final, term as President of these United States. The natio… Read more

In the print shop office at the Vermilion History Museum there’s a very old metal cabinet with about 30 small drawers. Inside the drawers are all kinds of things: old receipts, pamphlets, lett… Read more

What happened to Harry could have happened to any 12-year-old boy during the summer of 1900. Life is an adventure. Jumping aboard the ice wagon as it made its rounds about Vermilion must have … Read more

Several friends phoned me during the last week to tell and / or ask me about an article that had apparently appeared in newspapers across the U.S. recently. It was about the Revere bell that o… Read more